Quinn Collins : He is white and a senior at Springfield Central High., He plays basketball., His father was a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, He is a dutiful son to Ma and older brother to Willy, but sometimes still gets into trouble, Quinn accidentally witnesses Rashad’s violent arrest Jerry’s, Paul Galuzzo is like an older brother, Dwyer : He is with Quinn and Guzzo at Jerry’s on Friday evening., He is white, plays on the basketball team, Quinn’s other best friend. , Guzzo : One of Quinn’s best friends., He is white and, according to Quinn, “enormous., He is on the basketball team., He is Paul’s younger brother., He is with Quinn and Dwyer at Jerry’s on Friday evening., Office Paul Galuzzo: He is like a brother to Quinn., He is Galuzzo’s older brother., Is at “Jerry’s” when Rashad decides to stop there Friday evening, Works for the Springfield police department, He is an “enormous”, powerfully-built white man.,

All American Boys Friday: Quinn Excerpt Character Match




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