1) something pleasing to eat that's considered rare or luxurious a) ruthless  b) renewable c) delicacy d) nonrenewable 2) to move about or wander quietly in or as if in search of prey a) delicacy b) prowling  c) nonrenewable d) conservation 3) having no pity or cruel a) ruthless  b) restriction   c) pesticide d) prowling  4) a regulation that restricts or restrains a) restriction   b) conservation c) delicacy d) renewable 5) a chemical that is used to kill animals or insects that damage plants or crops a) renewable b) nonrenewable c) conservation d) pesticide 6) a natural resource that cannot be used up or can easily be reproduced a) delicacy b) ruthless  c) renewable d) pesticide 7) natural resources that cannot be replaced after they are used a) nonrenewable b) conservation c) renewable d) restriction   8) the protection of things found in nature; to preserve a) restriction   b) delicacy c) conservation d) ruthless 





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