They met in a large public park., She was turning thirty-five. , I was standing on the corner of Park and Third. , It is hard to cross the border without a passport., City center was swarming with birds. , "Excuse me, Sir," said the hotel clerk., I never did master cursive. , Tell us the myth of Thor and the storm. , BOOM! , When was Mort born?, Sandy will spend a short time in the dorm. , The Duke of York went for a short run., Sort the short and long forms. , My horse got a thorn stuck in his leg. , My dog barks in the back yard., BOOM! , A cut with a shard of glass can make a scar., Place a tarp on that cart. , A star is like a spark in the dark sky., Art likes to sing with a harp., Barb parked far from the mart., Marty parks his car by the garden., Marty had to swerve with a jerk to miss the car., Next term she will find a nerd who can code. , Did Herb have the nerve to sing a verse?, BOOM! , Jerk the fern up from the berm., Vern and Herb will serve this term., Can the line backer run faster than the kicker?, Was the golfer older than the long jumper?, Who was the shorter renter?, Which farmers are stronger than bankers?, The smoke jumper ran faster than the forest fire., The camper got colder as the sky became darker., Birds chirp in that circle of firs., BOOM!, Burn ten candles at church., Burl will spurn his horse to run faster., Slurp the drink then burp., Spurn help from the nurse., The girl rode a turbo car into the surf., Is it her turn to churn?, That girl will flirt with Dirk., BOOM!, The first bird chirps a song., The sick and infirm can go first., The zit squirted and made Kirk squirm..




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