Clothing costs the same as it did last year. CHANGED Clothing prices ... last year - Clothing prices HAVEN'T CHANGED SINCE, Steve could only go on holiday because his best mate gave him the money. ABLE he ... to go on holiday.  - If Steve's best mate hadn't given him the money, he WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE to go on holiday., "Yes, I gave away your secret," she said to me. GIVING She ... Away His secret - She ADMITTED TO GIVING Away His secret, We have never met anyone as famous as he is. MOST He is ... we have ever met. - He is THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON we have ever met., It's three weeks since I last went out. BEEN I ... three weeks. - I HAVEN'T BEEN OUT FOR three weeks., They are going to add a new wing to the hospital. ADDED A new wing is going ... to the hospital. - A new wing is going TO BE ADDED to the hospital., Thieves stole the old woman's savings. WAS The old woman ... savings. - The old woman WAS ROBBED OF ALL HER ........ savings., Please stop biting your nails. WISH I ... biting your nails. - I WISH YOU WOULD STOP biting your nails., Take my advice and don't believe everything he says. WOULDN'T If ... believe everything he says. - I WERE YOU I WOULDN'T believe everything he says., There aren't any eggs left. RUN We ... eggs - We HAVE RUN OUT OF eggs, I'm sure your little brother didn't mean to upset you. INTENTION I'm sure your little brother ... you.  - I'm sure your little brother HAD NO INTENTION OF UPSETTING you., It wasn't Mary's fault that your property was damaged. BLAME You can't ... damage done to your property - You can't BLAME MARY FOR THE damage done to your property,

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