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ira, irae f. - anger, pugna, pugnae f. - fight, canis, canis c. - dog, comes, comitis c. - comrade, frater, fatris m. - brother, navis, navis f. - ship, pater, patris m. - father, princeps, principis m. - prince, leader, chief, rex, regis m. - king, urbs, urbis f. - city, fortiter - bravely (adverb), a/ab + abl. - (away) from, by, carus, -a, -um - dear, fortis, forte - brave, omnis, omne - all, every, convoco, convocare - I call together, summon, navigo, navigare - I sail, oppugno, oppugnare - I attack, defendo, defendere - I defend, occido, occidere - I kill, resisto, resistere - I resist, vinco, vincere - I conquer, capio, capere - I take, capture, fugio, fugere - I flee, iacio, iacere - I throw,

Latin OLC Vocabulary Box 7


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