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clamo, clamare - I shout, do, dare - I give, rogo, rogare - I ask, specto, spectare - I watch, look at, iaceo, iacere - I lie (down), respondeo, respondere - I answer, reply, dico, dicere - I say, emo, emere - I buy, pono, ponere - I place, put, trado, tradere - I hand over, advenio, advenire - I arrive, reach, facio, facere - I make, do, hortus, horti m. - garden, unus, -a, -um - one, duo, duae, duo - two, tres, tria - three, alius, alia, aliud - other, another, bonus, -a, -um - good, malus, -a, -um - bad, statim - at once (adverb), quid? - what? (pronoun), cum + abl. - with, in + abl. - in, on, per + acc. - through, nec/neque - and not, nor,

Latin OLC Vocabulary Box 5


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