1) The dogs ... in the park yesterday afternoon. a) found b) flew c) got d) fought e) felt f) gave 2) The boy ... the girl a flower on Valentine's Day. a) forgot b) grew c) fought d) flew e) went f) gave 3) I ... a mobile phone in the street last Monday. a) went b) found c) fought d) felt e) had f) forgot 4) Dad ... his mobile phone at home last Friday. a) had b) grew c) felt d) forgot e) fought f) gave 5) My grandma ... some apple trees in her garden. a) gave b) found c) flew d) got e) had f) drew 6) I ... seasick when we travelled by boat. a) fell b) had c) forgot d) felt e) found f) fought 7) We ... to Spain on holiday. a) was b) did c) found d) went e) grew f) had 8) I ... up at 6.30 yesterday morning a) gave b) got c) forgot d) went e) flew f) found 9) My mother ... flowers in her garden last spring. a) gave b) got c) grew d) flew e) found f) forgot 10) A bird ... into my room when the window was open. a) found b) flew c) fought d) grew e) gave f) forgot




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