1) I usually travel by bus but today ______________________ a) I travelling by car. b) I travels by car. c) I'm travelling by car. d) I travel by car. 2) Ali is from Iran so he ________________ Farsi. a) is speaking b) speak c) speaking d) speaks 3) He ______________ want to go back to college! a) don't b) isn't c) doesn't d) not 4) Brazilians _____________ Spanish. a) aren't speaking b) don't speak c) aren't speak d) no speak e) no speaking 5) Please be quiet, the baby ______________________. a) sleeps b) sleeping c) is sleeping d) sleep 6) New born babies _________________ 16 hours a day! a) are sleeping b) sleeps c) sleep d) sleeping 7) Sharmila __________________ in a supermarket. a) working b) works c) work 8) Ali __________________ to the UK in 2018. a) coming b) comes c) come d) came 9) Ali _________________ from Iran. a) come b) came c) coming d) comes 10) I met my friend when I ____________________ to the bus stop. a) walked b) walking c) was walking d) were walking 11) She _________ her finger, when she was chopping some onions. a) cutted b) cutting c) cut d) cuts 12) We ____________________ TV when the takeaway arrived. a) watched b) watches c) was watching d) were watching e) watching 13) He _________________ in the UK since last year. a) lived b) living c) lives d) is living e) has lived 14) I ___________________ at Uxbridge College for two years. a) am b) have been c) been d) has been 15) We ___________________ in college for seven weeks. a) haven't been b) are not c) hasn't been d) not been 16) If the government says it is OK, we ______________ back in college soon. a) will be b) will c) are d) going 17) If you _________ hard, you'll pass the exams. a) will work b) will working c) working d) work 18) Lockdown _______________________ finish soon. a) is going to b) going to c) will going d) going to 19) We ____________________ one part of our speaking exam. a) have done b) done c) has done d) doing 20) We ________________________ in lockdown since 4th January. a) were b) was c) have been d) been




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