1) Permanent, Temporary, Virtual, Matrix are all types of what? a) Organisation b) Team c) Contract d) Manager 2) The acronym PIP is an abbreviation for? a) Personal Improvement Plan b) Preferred Implementation Plan c) Practical Improvement Plan d) Personal Improvement Proposal 3) Which theorist talks about task, team and individual? a) Kurt Lewin b) John Adair c) Steven Covey d) Peter Drucker 4) Belbin's theory suggests that there are how many team roles? a) Five team roles b) Six team roles c) Eight team roles d) Nine team roles 5) Which of the following does Daniel Goleman consider to be a skill needed of a manager? a) Inability to communicate b) take the credit pass the buck c) Self-awareness d) Picking favourites 6) Physiological, safety, love, self-esteem, self actualisation is a five point motivational theory by? a) Herzberg b) Maslow c) Kotter d) Luwin 7) Intervention and non-intervention are methods used to deal with? a) Companies b) Contracts c) Conflict d) Calculations 8) The right people with the right skills in the right place is a good way to? a) Organise a holiday b) Allocate work c) Buy materials d) Write a report 9) KPI is short for? a) Key Performance Indicator b) Key Production Indicator c) Key Personnel Indicator d) Key Personality Indicator 10) The term "feedback sandwich" refers to which of the following? a) A sandwich of ham and cheese b) A way of giving constructive feedback c) A type of biscuit d) a term used in the construction industry 11) Which of the following legislation relates to the protection of information? a) Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 b) Working Time Directive 1998 c) Equality Act 2010 d) General Data Protection Regulation 2018 12) Email, verbal, meetings, one to ones are all forms of? a) Courses b) Time c) Communication d) E-learning 13) A workplace disciplinary policy is? a) A process for dealing with employee grievance b) A process for dealing with perceived employee misconduct c) A process for dealing with employee holiday requests d) A process for dealing with employee shift pattern management 14) ACAS is an acronym for? a) Advocacy, Conflict and Arbitration Service b) Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration System c) Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service d) Advisory, Conciliation and Antagonism Service 15) Which of these is not a British Value? a) The Rule of Law b) Mutaual respect and tolerance c) Freedom of speech d) Safeguarding

Managing Teams and Individual Performance




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