1) Moulding installed around door or window frames a) Surrounding moulds b) Frame moulding c) Architrave 2) What are these drill bits called? a) Cupping bits b) Holesaws c) Forstner bits d) Step bits 3) Best adhesive/s for chipboard sub-flooring a) Ever-build pink grip b) Evo-stick's sticks like **** c) Evo-stick grip fill d) No more nails 4) Thickness of most skirting boards a) 15 or 17mm thick b) 10 or 12mm thick c) 18 or 25mm thick 5) How are sub-flooring boards joined together? a) With butt joints b) With mitre joints c) With tongue and groove joints d) With mortise and tenon joints e) With lap joints 6) Which of these is a band saw? a) b) c) d) 7) Which of these drill bits are used for making wooden plugs to cover screw heads? a) b) c) d) e) 8) Can you fit this spade bit in an impact driver? a) Never - they are special spade bits designed only for use in a drill🙄 b) Yes - they will always fit in any impact driver👌🏼 c) Not always - it depends on the driver🤔 9) Why do most people use pozidriv headed screws? a) They are the cheapest🤑 b) They have the most grip✊🏼 c) They are stronger than any other heads💪🏼 10) Moulding around room a meter above the floor a) Coving b) Skirting rail c) Dado rail d) Fascia e) Coving rail f) Half-way moulds 11) What is this tape called and what is it used for? a) Frog tape used to cover areas you don't want paint on e.g. if you are paining a wall and don't wont it on ceiling b) PTFE tape used for threaded pipe fittings c) Joint/scrim tape used for taping plasterboard joints d) Double sided heavy duty mounting tape 12) Which type of moulding is coving? a) Queen moulding b) Crown moulding c) Panel moulding d) Dentil moulding 13) Which tool is used to spread (form lines) in the tile adhesive before laying the tiles down? a) Grouting tool b) Notch trowel c) Finishing trowel d) Tile scribe e) Polypropylene ruler f) Combi spreader 14) Which of these tools is a bar clamp? a) b) c) d) e) f) 15) Should MDF be used for bathroom panelling? a) No - it bubbles and rots when it comes in touch with water b) Yes - MDF is often used for bathroom panelling, but you don't have to 16) What colour laser on a laser level is for exterior use? a) Black b) Purple c) Green d) Red e) Yellow f) White 17) How is laminate flooring joined together? a) Butt joints b) Tongue and groove joints c) Dowel joints d) Mortise and tenon e) Lap joints f) Biscuit joints 18) Name this large, heavy metal object. a) Post driver b) Post shoe c) Repair spike d) Post anchor e) Post extender 19) Pick the ratchet screwdriver a) b) c) d) e) 20) What is this drill bit called? a) Spade bit b) Step frill bit c) Auger bit d) Flat drill bit e) Holesaw 21) Name this carpentry tool a) Belt sander b) Orbital sander c) Planer 22) Which drill bit is most suitable for ceramics? a) b) c) d) 23) Which of these tools would you use a push stick for? a) Combi drill b) Table saw c) Planer d) Jigsaw e) Chainsaw f) Orbital or random orbit sander 24) What is this tool called? a) Wood drill guide b) Plug cutter drilling guide c) Tile drill guide 25) Grout spacing between wall tiles should be no less than... a) 1.5mm b) 2mm c) 0.5mm d) 5mm e) 3mm f) 2.5mm 26) Which of these adhesives is best for fitting skirting? a) Evo-stick skirting board adhesive b) Schtuk extreme adhesive c) Evo-stick grip fill d) No more nails e) Adiseal ultra clear adhesive f) Evo-stick pink grip 27) Which of these tools is best to cut ceramic tiles? a) Circular saw b) Tile scribe c) Angle grinder d) Wet cutt-off saw e) Tile cutter 28) Which of these tools is best for applying grout? a) Finishing trowel b) Polyurethane float c) Rubber trowel d) Notch trowel e) Pointing trowel f) Combination trowel 29) What is excess grout removed with? a) Polyurethane float b) Finishing trowel c) Damp sponge d) Excess grout removing tool 30) Can you drive or remove 1.5 inch bolts with an impact driver? a) Yes, but you need a nut driver bit b) Yes - you can buy bolt drivers for impact drivers that can driver 1.5 inch bolts! c) Only with a 1/2 socket adaptor because you can't fit a socket bit in a standard driver 31) For mixing grout do you pour the water in first, or the powder? a) Water in 1st and then 1/4 bag of grout b) Grout in 1st, but add more water if it is not a wet enough consistency. c) It doesn't matter, as long as you keep putting more water or powder in, depending on the consistency 32) What is the scratch coat of render? a) The thicker coat b) The thinner coat c) When a scratching comb is applied to make lines in the wall d) The first coat 33) What is this impact driver attachment? a) Bolt driver bit b) Nut driver bit c) Bolt adaptor d) Socket adaptor e) Nut driving adaptor 34) What tool is used to get a good render finish before sponging? a) Straight-edge or level b) Finishing trowel c) Polyurethane float d) Screed e) Hawk 35) Which way is best to hang floor joists on a deck? a) Bolt timber horizontal with outside wall and fix joist hangers to timber b) Use these joist hangers - timber to masonry as you can fix them vetically into the block wall - a lot stronger💪🏼 c) Use multi truss joist hangers and fix them to brick wall as the timber could rot overtime (unless fully treated of course) d) Use timber to masonry joist hangers and fix timber horizontall to outside wall and fix joist hangers onto that 36) Best way to fit skirting (out of only those 3 options💪🏼🤘🏼) a) Apply glue in straight line and fix board to the wall with screws (fill holes after) b) Apply glue in zig-zag line and bang pin nails to hold in place while it dries (use a nail punch too:)  c) Use a Paslode framing nailer as then you won't need adhesive

Alonzo's general building and carpentry/joinery quiz (updated🤓🔨👌🏼)





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