I always have____to eat before I go to work., I never have problems sleeping on buses or planes. I can sleep _____., I usually watch_____on TV in the evening., When I watch films in English, I don’t usually understand _____., I don’t usually do _____ interesting at weekends., In my family, ____ speaks any English except me!, I went _____ really exciting last weekend., I never read _____ in English except my coursebook., There’s _____ I really want to buy at the moment, but I don’t have any money., I love doing _____ on Sunday mornings, just staying in bed late., I don’t want to go _____ this weekend. I just want to stay at home., I don’t know _____ in this class very well., There’s ______ I really want to go on holiday., In my town, there’s _____ for young people to go at night. It’s really boring here., I never say _____ in English in class. I’m worried about making mistakes., I met _____ very interesting last weekend., I always go _____ quiet when I want to study..


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