1) The first black president of South Africa. a) Nelson Mandela b) Diahann Carroll c) Willie O'Ree d) Katherine Johnson 2) The first black US Surgeon General. a) Rosa Parks b) Garrett Morgan c) Katherine Johnson d) Joycelyn Elders 3) The first American woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Game. a) Mary Jackson b) Amanda Gorman c) Nelson Mandela d) Wilma Rudolph 4) Invented three-way traffic signals. a) Garrett Morgan b) Harriet Tubman c) Mae C. Jemison d) Nelson Mandela 5) The first black woman to win an Oscar for a supporting role in a movie. a) Hattie McDaniel b) Garrett Morgan c) Diahann Carroll d) Martin Luther King, Jr. 6) Helped more than 300 people escape slavery.  a) Alice Walker b) Harriet Tubman c) Amanda Gorman d) Mae C. Jemison 7) NASA's first black female engineer a) Mary Jackson b) Joycelyn Elders c) Rosa Parks d) Martin Luther King, Jr. 8) His "I have a dream" speech continues to inspire us today. a) Wilma Rudolph b) Martin Luther King, Jr. c) Garrett Morgan d) Carter G. Woodson 9) The first African-American woman to travel into space. a) Elijah McCoy b) Hattie McDaniel c) Rosa Parks d) Mae C. Jemison 10) The youngest person to recite a poem at the US Presidential Inauguration. a) Mary Jackson b) Diahann Carroll c) Sidney Poitier d) Amanda Gorman 11) Her refusal to give up her seat on a bus started a bus boycott and led to segregation reform on public transit systems. a) Rosa Parks b) Mary Jackson c) Wilma Rudolph d) Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche 12) The first black player in the NHL while partially blind in one eye. a) Willie O'Ree b) Elijah McCoy c) Garrett Morgan d) Althea Gibson 13) Known as the "Father of Black History" because he wanted to make sure that the stories of African Americans were written and published. a) Carter G. Woodson b) Mary Jackson c) Mae C. Jemison d) Joycelyn Elders 14) The first black tennis player to win the French Championship, the US Open, and Wimbledon. a) Althea Gibson b) Alice Walker c) Willie O'Ree d) Katherine Johnson 15) The first black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Middle East and Africa. a) Carter G. Woodson b) Wilma Rudolph c) Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche d) Willie O'Ree 16) The first black woman in America to star in her own tv series. a) Rosa Parks b) Carter G. Woodson c) Wilma Rudolph d) Diahann Carroll 17) Worked on space flight plans for Alan Shepard and John Glenn's missions in the 1960s. a) Katherine Johnson b) Garrett Morgan c) Althea Gibson d) Diahann Carroll 18) He was a mechanical engineer with many patents - improvements to ironing boards, lawn sprinklers, and train travel, to name a few! a) Rosa Parks b) Diahann Carroll c) Mae C. Jemison d) Elijah McCoy 19) The first black actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. a) Elijah McCoy b) Alice Walker c) Rosa Parks d) Sidney Poitier 20) The first Black American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize; won for her novel, The Color Purple. a) Amanda Gorman b) Alice Walker c) Martin Luther King, Jr. d) Sidney Poitier




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