1) Who was the king of Persia at the time of the Purim story?  a) Haman b) David c) Achashverosh 2) Who did the King of Persia choose to be the new queen? a) Shiva b) Esther c) Dina 3) What did Mordechai tell Esther to keep secret from the King? a) Her age b) Her name c) That she was Jewish 4) Why didn't Haman like Mordechai? a) Because Mordechai told Haman he didn't like his clothes b) Because Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman c) Because Mordechai made Haman go to the King's party 5) What do we read on Purim? a) The Torah b) The Siddur c) The Megillah 6) What do we give to friends on Purim? a) Mishlo'ach- Manot b) Presents c) Chocolate coins 7) What special food do we eat on Purim? a) Hallah b) Hamantaschen c) Latkes 8) We make noise with the grogger a)   When we hear the name of King Achashverosh b) When we want to drown out Haman's name c)   When we are getting ready to hear the Megillah 9) At a Purim carnival we wear a) Costumes b) A pair of skis c)  A basket of fruit on our heads 10) Hamantashen is a  a) Pumpkin pie b) Six-pointed star c) Three cornered pastry 11) What are the Mitzvot that we do on Purim? a) Read the Megillah, the scroll of Esther b) Give gifts of food c) Give to the poor d) Have a Purim feast e) All of the above




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