Hair is made of - dead keratinised cells, Part of the hair that you see above the surface of the skin - Shaft, Colour pigment in the hair is? - Melanin, The wide part at the base of the follicle - Hair Bulb, This is where the growing hair receives its nourishment - Papilla, Sebaceous gland secretes? - Sebum, Outer layer of the hair is? - Cuticle, Layer of the hair where tinting takes place is? - Cortex, Hair that develops on an unborn baby - Lanugo, Soft, downy hair that lacks colour. - Vellus, How does the hair papilla receive its nourishment? - blood capillaries, What happens at the Anagen stage of growth? - Active growing stage, What happens at the Catagen stage of growth? - Follicle shrinks away from blood supply, What happens at the Telegon stage of growth? - Resting stage, The inner most layer of the hair is? - Medulla,

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