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maneo, manere - to say, wait, remain, sedeo, sedere - I sit, video, videre - I see, ascendo, ascendere - I climb, cado, cadere - I fall, curro, currere - I run, duco, ducere - I lead, inquit - he says/said (3rd person sing. only), mitto, mittere - I send, redeo, redire - I return, audio, audire - I hear, terra, -ae f. - land, earth, ground, cibus, -i m. - food, filius, -i m. - son, ager, agri m. - field, puer, pueri m. - boy, anxius, anxia, anxium - anxious, eum - him (acc. sing.), eam - her (acc. sing.), ad + acc. - to, towards, nam - for, on account of (adverb),

Latin OLC Vocabulary Box 3


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