Rocky - New England colonies had poor, __________ soil that made it difficult to grow crops, Shipbuilding - Which industry in the New England colonies was based off of lumber?, Puritans - Which group of colonists wanted to "purify" the church?, RhodeIsland - Which colony was mostly home to colonists that disagreed with the Puritans?, Fishing - __________ and whaling were big sources of income for many New England colonists., Mountains - The Appalachian _____________ were a geographic feature in these colonies., Freedom - In 1620, Pilgrims came to the New World looking for religious __________., One - Homes often had ________ bedroom with a fireplace., Hornbooks - In New England colonies, ___________ were used in school and contained the alphabet, Lord's Prayer, and roman num, NewHampshire - The four colonies that made up the New England colonies were Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and ____________,

New England Colonies Crossword




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