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raisins - Who are these walking ______________., abducted by aliens - Have you been___________________., tanorexics - There is extreme concern for ______________., religiously - I used to go on it _______________ after work and hated it when I couldn't go underneath., smoking - It's like _______________. Even though I knew I shouldn't be under there, I couldn't stop myself., UVA - An average 30 minutes on a sunbed gives you the same dose of ______ rays as a day at the beach., industry - This is not good news for the suntanning _____________., UVB - _______ rays have been linked to cancer for many years,, 'controlled tanning' - The company advocates ________________., upright coffins - The Tanning Shops' black vertical tanning booths look unnervingly like _______________., hooked - Victoria started using sunbeds to clear up a skin complaint, but now she's ____________., over-hyped - I think there is some scare every week and it's _________________., banned - I would only stop using sunbeds if they were ____________., haunt - A favourite ___________ of the shameless tanarexic is Electric Beach..., secretive - While women openly admit to tanning addiction, men are much more ____________., (not his real name) - John Stevens ____________________, a 28 year old lawyer..., 'real man' - But there's this unspoken idea that a ______________ should get his tan doing something rugged and adventurous., perennial tandoori - And, of course, there's Essex Man with his ______________________________ tan., Peter Andre - They want to be like ________________.,

Sun Vampires

Created bybe122565

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