Why was Hiromi tired yesterday? - because he had gone to a party the night before, Why didn't Luis's plane go to Spain? - Because the Spanish borders had been closed., Why couldn't Linda find her phone? - Because she had lost it under her bed., Why wasn't Lisa hungry at lunch? - Because she had eaten a late breakfast, Why did Faisal come late to class? - because he hadn't slept well the night before., Why was Angela late for the bus? - Because she had woken up late, Why was the man red in the face when he arrived on the sixth floor? - because the lift had broken down and he had just run up the stairs., Why didn't the TV work when you switched it on? - because you had forgotten to plug it in., Why wasn't Camilo worried when his computer crashed? - because he had backed up all his data., Why was the man crying yesterday afternoon? - because he had an argument with his friend., Why was Tui so pleased with herself yesterday afternoon? - Because she had passed her exam., Why couldn't Michael come to the party? - because he had arranged to meet some friends that evening., Why do you think you struggled in class that day? - Because I hadn't struggled the night before., Had you been to Japan before you got married? - Yes I had been there a few times on school trips, Where had the robbers stolen the money from? - They had gone to three different banks in the area before they were caught.,




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