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A pediatrician. - A child has a fever. Who should be consulted?, A cardiologist. - A man has chest pains and difficulty breathing., An orthodontist. - A child's teeth are not straight., A hematologist. - A lob test has shown a teenager has abnormally shaped RBC's., A pyschiatrist. - A young man becomes depressed and tries to kill himself., A surgeon. - A teenager has an infected appendix which must be removed., A dentist. - A woman has toothache., An orthopedist. - A child twisted his knee playing football and cannot walk properly afterwards., An obstetrician. - A woman knows she is pregnant., A gynecologist. - A young woman's periods stop but she knows she is not pregnant., An otorhinolaryngologist. - A child has repeated severe earaches., A geriatrician/geriatrist. - A womanm aged 93, stops eating., A protocologist. - A man has painful, bloody bowel movements., A dermatologist. - A woman has itchy, scaly skin on her neck and arms., A histologist. - A sample of liver tissue is obtained by biopsy., A urologist. - A middle-aged man begins to have to urinate frequently at night., A gastroenterologist. - A young man sometimes vomits blood., An endocrinologist. - A middle-aged woman has an abnormally high level of glucose in her blood., A neurologist. - A woman loses feeling in her fingers,

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