1) What sport is played at Wimbledon? a) rugby b) basketball c) tennis d) soccer 2) Which of these is a swimming stroke? a) insect b) grasshopper c) centipede d) butterfly 3) The Canadian flag is red and white and has a picture of what kind of leaf in the centre? a) oak b) maple c) sycamore d) beech 4) In which game would you find a rook, a bishop and a pawn? a) chess b) draughts c) Monopoly d) Scrabble 5) What does Mr Bean drive? a) a yellow jeep b) a blue motorbike c) a green mini d) a black convertible 6) What is the biggest planet in the solar system? a) Neptune b) Jupiter c) Saturn d) Mercury 7) What colour is the vegetable, aubergine? a) bright yellow b) dark purple c) bright red d) dark brown 8) Who is Ireland’s rugby coach? a) Andy Farrell b) Joe Smith c) Declan Kidney d) Paul O'Connell 9) What hobby would you associate with hooks, rods, reels and baits? a) Hunting b) Fishing/Angling c) Swimming d) Gymnastics 10) Who is the current manager of Manchester United? a) Roy Keane b) Alex Ferguson c) David Moyes d) Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer 11) Beginning with A, what is the name given to a counting frame where coloured beads are moved back and forth to help calculate? a) algorithm b) acrobat c) alphabet d) abacus 12) What is the name given to the large sandstone rock in the Northern Territory, Central Australia? It is also known as Uluru. a) Ayers Rock b) Table Mountain c) Grand Canyon d) The Burren 13) Would you find the Arctic surrounding the North or South Pole? a) North b) South 14) What is the name given to a violently spinning funnel of air? It is sometimes known as a twister. a) tsunami b) hurricane c) tornado d) earthquake 15) If you were eating pommes in France, what would you be eating? a) chips b) apples c) sweets d) raisins 16) AA and AAA are types of what? a) cars b) appliances c) phones d) batteries 17) At 4,810 metres, what is the highest mountain in France? a) Mont Vert b) Mont Noir c) Mont Blanc d) Mont Rouge 18) Who is the current captain of the Irish Rugby Team? a) Keith Earls b) Connor Murray c) Johnny Sexton d) Andrew Conway 19) Where do coconuts traditionally grow? a) On vines b) On trees c) Under the ground d) On bushes 20) What is the name of the United Kingdom's Flag? a) The Union John b) The Union Jack c) The Union Jeff d) The Union James 21) 4. Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have all played which movie spy? a) Johnny English b) Jason Bourne c) James Bond d) Ethan Hunt 22) Where will the next Olympics be held? a) Tokyo, Japan b) Paris, France c) Rome, Italy d) Sydney, Australia 23) Name the Formula One racing driver who has been world champion seven times. a) Michael Schumacher b) Fernando Alonso c) Ayrton Senna d) Lewis Hamilton 24) Name ALL THREE sports that make up a triathlon? a) Running, Swimming and Skiing b) Running, Cycling and Swimming c) Cycling, Rowing and Running d) Rowing, Swimming and Skiing 25) '50/50' and 'Phone a Friend' are options on which famous game show?   a) Family Fortunes b) Tipping Point c) The Chase d) Who wants to be a Millionaire?




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