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Repetitive processing: Carrying out the same task to the same standard repeatedly - Processing the payroll run on a computer for a large organisation, Data storage capacity: Able to store an enormous amount of information in a small space. - All the information on the pupils in a large school will fit on a hard drive compared to a huge number of filing cabinets, Speed of searching: Able to find information quickly. - A police check will find information on a particular car almost instantly., Accuracy and context: Calculations are carried out accurately. - In a Spreadsheet if formula and data are correct then calculations will be correct, Speed of data communications: Messages sent out across the world instantaneously. - An email can be sent from the UK to the USA within seconds., The ability to produce different output formats: Information can be produced in tabular or graphical format. - A scientist producing a report will include data in a table and to make some of them easier to understand will produce some of them as graphs,

Advantages of ICT over manual methods

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