1) Darth Vader is the _____________________ of Luke Skywalker. a) adversary b) banishment c) concoction d) destination 2) Cruella de Vil should go to jail for her ______________________ acts against puppies.  a) jostling b) plenteous c) egregious d) mustering 3) When all of the minions are together, it causes a great ___________________________. a) narration b) commotion c) jargon d) headway 4) Rapunzel feels a great amount of _______________________ with her mother for not letting her out of the tower. a) exhilaration b) diminishment c) brackishness d) exasperation 5) The _________________________ gathered outside of Shrek's home to convince him to leave. a) multitude b) scarcity c) specimen d) habitation 6) Rafiki held Simba up over the _____________________. a) knoll b) precipice c) foresight d) ember 7) The Beast was ___________________ with exactly what Belle was doing in the castle. a) aplomb b) dispelled c) emerged d) engrossed 8) The ________________ workout that Mulan does every day really helps her to be ready for battle. a) grueling b) furtive c) illuminating d) imperious 9) Dory is very ________________ and believes whatever she hears. a) ominous b) monotonous c) misgiving d) malleable 10) Piglet constantly has to ________________ his fears daily, especially of the dark. a) scurry b) quell c) swarm d) waft 11) Gaston has a ______________________ that Belle finds repulsive. a) translucence b) scarcity c) recuperation d) swagger 12) Quasimodo does not want people to talk about him so he becomes a ___________________. a) recluse b) barricade c) misgiving d) serenity




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