Correct: we are at great epistemic distance (distance of knowledge) from God - can justify any form of evil, How is it justifiable for animals to suffer but for only humans to get the benefits?, unrealistic to say that humans can experience great goodness without being exposed to great evils, it incorporates evolution which is scientific evidence , the theodicy gives an explanation for evil but it fails to justify the extent and severity of evil/suffering in the world, goes against Jesus' crucifixion because its pointless if all human beings are saved anyway , fails to explain why some people suffer enormously and others very little. If suffering is essential to human development, surely it would be unfair that some of us miss out on the benefits?, Incorrect:  No separate part of the body called the 'soul'. an individual is a living, physical being and nothing else., It does not defend the all powerful God in the light of evil, good and evil increase, as both harmony and discord can be experienced in greater intensity., shows living photographic proof of God existence , cannot justify God living in heaven , since God gets to create souls, he has favorites which shows he can be rAcist , it abolishes the Christian idea of to not murder ,





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