7 is my lucky ____. The answer is ____. I need to find a ____ to get home. ____ you please pass me an apple? I like to talk to ____ about food. I can't find ____ shoes! My dad is taller ____ my mum. He came ____ in the race. I need a glass of ____. I have ____ to Edinburgh Zoo. She is ____ Lola. ____ are you? I ____ going to the shop. ____ not fair! I've finished my work, so ____ I can play. I need to ____ a birthday card. It's been a very ____ day. The opposite of up is ____. What ____ is the football match on? I can't remember what I ____ at school today. I need to ____ some milk and bread. Would you like to ____ to my party? I ____ my bed this morning. ____ I pet your dog? Dessert was my favourite ____ of the meal.

Missing Word - Fry's Common Words 1st 100, 4th 25




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