1) 1. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on .... a) February 14th b) July 4th c) March 17th 2) 2. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of.... a) Spain b) United States c) Ireland 3) 7. The legend says that in Ireland there were lots of…. a) snakes b) pots of gold c) wild lions 4) 11. Saint Patrick used a …… a) Shamrock b) Flower c) Bible 5) 12. In Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is an important…… a) Parade b) Celebration c) Religion 6) 13. There are lots of tricolor…. in the streets! a) Flags b) Shamrocks c) Leprechauns 7) 14. The Irish believe that ….. is a lucky colour a) White b) Green c) Orange 8) 15. A famous symbol of Ireland is a kind of Irish fairy called… a) Tooth fairy b) Princess c) Leprechaun 9) 16. There’s a pot of gold at the end of the.... a) Clouds b) Rainbow c) Rainy day

St. Patrick`s Day Review




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