Sonata Form - Exposition, Development, Recapitulation, Coda, Augmentation - Lengthening the time values of a musical theme, Antiphony - a texture where two or more groups are heard alternately , Cantata - literally means 'to be sung'. In the Baroque period, it was a piece of sacred music in several movements., Cantus Firmus - A pre-existing melody used as a basis for composition, Chorale - A Baroque sacred composition in 4-part writing, Circle of 5ths - A series of notes or chords that are a perfect 5th apart, Diminished 7ths - A four-note chord made up of diminished triads plus a diminished 7th above the root, Falsetto - The involves the singing of notes above the normal range of the human voice, Enharmonic change - changing the name but not changing the sound, Recitative - A type of vocal music in which the text is important - before an aria, Monody - A single melodic line with accompaniment, Mediant - third degree of the scale, Obbligato - the obligatory part - essential for creating the mood or effect, Oratorio - a sacred text set to music and intended for concert performance, Restoration - the period of history after the English Civil War, Tremolo - Playing fast, repeated notes., Tritone - Also known as the 'Devil's chord' - an augmented 4th, Vernacular - In the language of the local people, Stile antico - literally ancient style,

Year 12 Music - Terminology




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