1) I am so glad I was brought ___ by my parents when I was a child. They taught me good values and how to be a responsible student.  a) out b) up c) in 2) I have fallen ___ with my friend because I saw him kissing my ex-girlfriend. a) out b) over c) away 3) This has been the most ___ experience of my life. I will never do it again. a) terrific b) terrifying c) terrified 4) It's possible that he hasn't been informed about the accident. a) He might not have been informed about... b) He should not have been informed about... c) He can't have been informed about... 5) Please don't go to that party next weekend. a) I'd rather not to go to that party... b) I'd rather you won't go to that party... c) I'd rather you didn't go to that party... 6) Sally asked her father ___ deep the lake was.  a) how b) what c) which 7) Paul didn't manage ___ his work. a) to complete b) completing c) for completing 8) I am having the computer ___ the day after tomorrow. a) to be repaired b) repaired c) repairing 9) The flight was not ___ Peter thought it would be.  a) so expensive b) as expensive as c) such expensive 10) Megan is really looking forward ___ the band's new album. a) hearing b) to hear c) to hearing 11) By the time we reach home, the rain ___. a) will have stopped b) will stop c) is going to stop 12) ´I'll see you tomorrow, Ian´said Graham. = Graham told Ian he ___ see him the following day. a) might b) could c) would 13) ´Sue, can you remember to buy some bread?´ a) Paul reminded Sue to buy some bread. b) Paul told Sue to buy some bread. c) Paul asked Sue to buy some bread. 14) Unless you ___ at once, I'll call the police. a) don't leave b) leave c) left 15) If you had saved some money, you ___ so hard up now. a) won't be b) wouldn't have been c) wouldn't be 16) If you became a millionaire, you ___ unhappy. a) might be b) can be c) may be 17) Sorry, but it's time we ___ home. a) went b) go c) would go 18) People say that John Wilson lives in New York. a) John Wilson is said to have lived in New York. b) John Wilson is said to live in New York. c) John Wilson is said to be living in New York. 19) Normally we don't refund money without a receipt. ___, on this ocassion I'll do it. a) however b) moreover c) consequently 20) ___ stole the painting must have been tall. a) anyone b) whatever c) whoever

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