1) Why do paper towels need to be absorbent? a) So that they can soak up spilled liquids. b) So that it can be recycled. 2) Why does a towel need to be absorbent?  a) So that it can soak in all the dirt from your body.  b) So that it can soak up water and dry your body. 3) Why does a bath mat needs to be absorbent? a) So that it can stop the floor from getting wet after you get out of the bath.   b) So that it can absorb the spilled shampoo. 4) Why does a baby nappy needs to be absorbent? a) So it can soak up the pee of the baby. b) So the baby won't get cold. 5) Choose which among these items is the absorbent. a) b) c)

Science Week 9 ACTIVITY C: Choose the letter of the correct answer




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