Coagulation - Setting a mixture to hold a firm structure. Egg white sets at 60oC, Egg Yolk sets at 70oC, Aeration - To trap air when beaten. The protein is stretched and incorporates air bubbles forming a foam texture. 1 whole egg can increase 8 times in volume., Emulsification - Eggs (yolks) are used to stop oil and water separating, Binding - Sticks or binds ingredients together when raw and holds ingredients together when heated., Coating - The eggs act as glue and hold a dry coating to the surface of food. It forms a protective barrier, stops too much fat being absorbed and adds texture. Also known as enrobing, Glazing - Gives an attractive finish to the food eg. colour and shine, Enriching - By adding to food the egg helps to add nutritional value, colour or texture to a product,

Functions of eggs - mix and match




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