1) How long can a giraffe go without drinking? a) 8 hours b) 1 day c) many days 2) How many neck bones does a giraffe have? a) Seven b) One c) Sixteen 3) What's hard for a giraffe because it is so tall? a) to see things far away b) to pick leaves c) to reach the ground to drink 4) Giraffes sleep standing up. a) True b) False 5) How many neck bones does a human have? a) One b) Seven, like Giraffes c) Sixteen 6) How are you like a giraffe? a) You both can pick leaves from tall treetops. b) You're not alike. You have nothing the same. c) You both have 7 neck bones. 7) Elephants are the tallest mammals. a) True b) False




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