1) Wife and I got tired .......... beach holidays a) with b) of c) over d) on 2) Synonym of : " we finally decided" is a) currently b) eventually c) wisely d) directly 3) we stayed on a ship, which... a) blows b) lands c) slides d) floats 4) nowadays it is a hostel with cabins that can ...... up to 24 guests a) accommodate b) provide c) put d) treat 5) our cabin was a real .... a) discovery b) shock c) bargain d) landmark 6) it's difficult to find inexpensive accommodation in such great.... a) surroundings b) landscape c) scenery d) location 7) It has easy ...... to public transport a) access b) introduction c) connection d) distance 8) ...... our stay there we a) While b) When c) During d) Whether 9) we took a guided ..... of places featured in books a) excursion b) tour c) expedition d) voyage 10) Our holiday was ...... fascinating than we had expeted a) the most b) as c) the more d) more 11) The only ..... was that I felt a little seasick a) development b) highlight c) drawback d) struggle 12) However, if you can cope .... your bed rocking a little, a) for b) on c) with d) in

exam practice modules 1-3 str. 138 ćw. A Pioneer B1




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