1) If we hurry, we _____________ there on time. a) get b) will getting c) will get d) gett 2) I won't go to the doctor unless the pain a) will increase b) increases c) increasess d) increasing 3) If you smoke in public places you _______ into trouble. a) will get b) got c) would get d) getting 4) If it _______ plants don't grow. a) is not rain b) doesn't rain c) doesn't raining d) do not rain 5) If you smoke, your skin  ________ more quickly. a) age b) aging c) aged d) ages 6) We will go for a picnic tomorrow if the weather ______ nice.  a) stays b) stayed c) will stay d) staying 7) If the baby _____ a boy, I will call him Jonathan. a) being  b) will be c) are d) is 8) If you eat fast food, you _________ weight.  a) gained b) gain  c) gaining d) would gain 9) You ________ an accident if you drive so carelessly. a) will cause b) cause c) causes d) causing 10) I always _______ a jacket when it is cold. a) wears b) wear c) wearing d) wore 11) I ______ you with the dishes if you are tired. a) helping b) helps c) will help d) helped




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