1) What does publish mean? a) put your homework in Classroom b) show your an ad to post something c) post something to report d) Make something public or known, especially something that should be kept private. e) make an ad to promote and publish it 2) Complete the answer  My brother was going to an ad about me dog a) Achieve b) Persevenrance c) Publish d) Remarkable e) Repetition f) Device 3) Complete the sentence the. Is very inclined towards me i feel that it falls a) Tumultuous b) Rhythm  c) Brief d) Response e) Manuscript f) Stucture  4) The game has. For me  a) Personification b) Myth c) encaunters d) Outcome e) insights f) Moral 5) My brother is a With my brother   a) Encounter b) Fable c) Myth d) Outcome e) Evident f) Moral 




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