1) What was stuck in Alexander's hair when he woke up? a) gum b) peanut butter c) lollipop 2) What did Alexander find in his cereal box? a) a toy car b) cereal c) Undercover agent code ring 3) Where did Alexander say he was going to move to? a) Australia b) China c) New Jersey 4) At school, Alexander's teacher did not like the picture he drew of __________ a) a dog b) a house c) an invisible castle 5) What did Alexander's mom forget to pack in his lunch? a) dessert b) sandwhich c) chips 6) What did the dentist find in Alexander? a) a loose tooth b) a cavity c) a diamond 7) Why did Alexander get in trouble by his mom? a) for lying b) for not eating his breakfast c) for being muddy and fighting 8) What did Alexander have for dinner that he "hates"? a) lima beans b) green beans c) black beans 9) What was on Alexander's pajamas that he doesn't like? a) railroad train b) rubber ducky c) flowers 10) Some days can be terrible, horrible, no good, very bad... a) TRUE b) FALSE

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day




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