1) The beach is_______ than the city. a) more relaxing b) the most relaxing c) relaxinger d) relaxing 2) London city is ________ than Sierra Nevada. a) quieter b) more noisy c) noisier d) noisy 3) The countryside is__________ than the city a) more polluted b) polluteder c) less polluted d) most polluted 4) The beach is ___________ than the countryside a) beautiful b) crowdeder c) beautifuller d) more crowded 5) New York is the ________ city in the world. a) exciting b) more exciting c) excitingest d) most exciting 6) The arctic has _______ air in the world a) pure b) the purrest c) the purest d) most pure 7) The Maldives have ________ beaches I have ever seen. a) stunning b) more stunning c) the most stunning d) stunninger 8) Rock climbing is __________ sport I have ever done. a) the most dangerous b) safest c) more dangerous d) safer 9) The beach is__________ than the countryside. a) lively b) livelyer c) the most lively d) livelier 10) The Maldive islands are __________ than Ibiza. a) peacefuller b) more peaceful c) more peacefull d) most peaceful 11) Hawai is ________ than a mountain holiday. a) exotic b) the most exotic c) more exotic d) exoticer 12) The arctic has _________countryside I have ever seen. a) more unspoiled b) the most unspoiled c) unspoiled d) unspoildest

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