Audio: English (UK), What’s your favourite dessert?, How many people sit around you in your working place?, Tell me about your plans for your next holiday., Tell me a quotation from a movie that you remember. , Have you got a favourite device? Tell me about it., What’s your most hateful food?, You are asked to be photographed. You refuse. Why could that be?, What’s there in your fridge right now?, How many times do you check your FB account a day?, Who is at your place right now? What is he\she doing?, What’s the business forecast for the rest of the year?, Tell something about a time you failed to do something., What’s the best career achievement you have had?, What was the last Marvel movie you saw?, "Have you got any sports equipment? , Tell me about it.", What was the last present you bought somebody?, What is the most expensive item\clothes\devices that you have?, How many e-mails did you read and write last week?, Tell me about the last restaurant that you went to., Think of a lecture you have recently heard. What was it about?, What’s the strongest drink you’ve ever had?, You can’t open the door of your flat. What would you do?, What was the most difficult term at your university?, Do you like day or night-time more? Why?, What day was the last day when you did nothing?, What’s your favourite extreme sport?, What games do you like to play with your friends?, Have you ever been alone on a holiday?, Have you ever ridden an animal?, Tell me about your first or present RM., Where would you like to live?, What’s your favourite place in your flat\house?, Tell me about your first day at Epam., When did you last see a beautiful lady/ guy? Who was that?.

[IT A2+/B1] [Lesson 1] [ICE-BREAK] [IA]




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