1) Where can you buy a magazine? a) florist's b) newsagent's c) delicatessen d) bank 2) Where can you buy a stamp? a) library b) school c) park d) post office 3) Where can you buy flowers? a) post office b) delicatessen c) florist's d) newsagent's 4) Where can you buy meat? a) newsagent's b) butcher's c) florist's d) bank 5) Where can you buy cheese? a) library b) delicatessen c) bank d) post office 6) Where can you buy fish? a) library b) florist's c) fishmonger's d) bank 7) Where can you buy bread rolls? a) newsagent's b) bank c) butcher's d) baker's 8) Where can you buy a teddy bear? a) florist's b) library c) toy shop d) newsagent's 9) Where can you have dinner? a) bank b) restaurant c) post office d) library 10) Where can you have lessons? a) butcher's b) school c) bank d) florist's 11) Where can you play with your friends? a) park b) newsagent's c) delicatessen d) bank 12) Where can you keep money? a) bank b) butcher's c) delicatessen d) library 13) Where can you borrow books? a) post office b) florist's c) library d) park

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