1) We ___ about plant life in biology this term. a) are learning b) learn c) are learn 2) This sentence is difficult. I don't know what it ___ . a) is meaning b) means c) does mean 3) Look! Martin ___ his new trainers. They're really nice a) wears b) is wear c) is wearing 4) We ___ my aunt in hospital later today - she had an accident yesterday. a) visit b) are visit c) are visiting 5) My uncle ___ three cars and a house in the mountains a) is own b) owns c) is owning 6) What ___ you usually ___ on Saturdays? a) do ... do b) are ... do c) are ... doing 7) ___ you ___ anything interesting next weekend? a) do ... do b) are ... do c) are ... doing 8) We're best friends and we ___ in the same basketball team a) play b) plays c) are playing 9) I'm always miserabe in winter, I ___ cold weather. a) hate b) 'm hate c) 'm hating 10) My sister sometimes ___ running after school but today she ___ at the gym a) goes / exercises b) goes / is exercising c) is going / is exercising

Present Simple or Present Continuous (Prepare 4, Un1)




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