The 1980s are the latest thing right now, so I’m very into denim jackets., At first I thought that you can’t wear pajamas out , but now I can see that it took off, because all celebrities and models are wearing it now. , I guess wearing a hoodie with a skirt is becoming a thing nowadays., I’m usually not the one to fall for the hype, but I’m fond of leather clothes., I could have bought a brand-new designer dress, but this vintage one is a killer evening gown., It’s becoming increasingly popular to revive old trends, like wearing polka dot or plaid clothes., I suppose a classic women’s suit is the most sought-after outfit of this year., Dior’s saddle bag is a top-notch, but anyway it’s not worth the money., I finally bought a choker, but it ended up to be a passing trend. , I try to get rid of the things in my wardrobe which lost their appeal. , I truly believe that black colour is always in., I don’t think skinny jeans are a thing from the past..




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