It was the first time we'd witnessed an international relief operation on such a scale. Never before __________., The first women's team didn't come into existence until 1996. Not until 1996 __________., Nobody tried to prevent the tragedy at any point. At no time __________ prevent the tragedy., We've only had one honest leader in the whole of our recent history. Only once in our recent history __________., It's the best place in the world to combine business and pleasure. Nowhere else in the world __________ quite so well., The soldiers were ordered to never surrender or take their own lives. It was made very clear that under no circumstances __________ or take their own lives., After America rebelled against the high import taxes imposed on tea in 1773, coffee became more popular. Only after __________., he was a poet as well as being a military leader. Not only __________., The government put taxes up as soon as they took office. No sooner __________., He only admitted his involvement in the scandal when it became obvious it could no longer be continued. Only when it __________..

Outcomes A, Unit 12, Dramatic Inversion




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