1) The 1900 Galveston Hurricane is the worst natural disaster in Texas history. In order to protect themselves from future storms, the people of Galveston — a) evacuated the beachfront b) built a seawall c) created a canal system d) relocated the city 2) How did the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 alter the economic development of Texas? a) The devastation caused a decade-long recession. b) Oil production never recovered to pre-hurricane levels. c) Major industries in Galveston moved inland to Houston. d) Cotton growers were forced out of Texas to find new distributors. 3) Spindletop was the largest gusher the world had seen and catapulted Beaumont into an oil-fueled boomtown. In what year did this happen? a) 1836 b) 1860 c) 1901 d) 1919 4) What did the Texas cities of Houston, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont have in COMMON? a) They grew as a result of the oil industry. b) They grew as a result of railroad development. c) They were all originally Spanish language terms. d) They are all located in northern Texas. 5) How did the oil industry shape the development of Odessa? a) The town suffered due to its lack of oil wells. b) The town grew as the demand for oil increased. c) The town became a center for oil recycling programs. d) The town was crushed when oil was discovered in larger cities. 6) What is the historical significance of Spindletop? a) Cattle were traded there. b) The Texas frontier began there. c) Buffalo soldiers were stationed there. d) The Texas petroleum industry began there. 7) Which industry caused the MOST change in the economic development of East Texas during the early 1900s? a) oil b) cattle c) cotton d) aerospace 8) How did the increased urbanization of Texas change the types of jobs made available to people? a) Jobs were only available in industries and technologies. b) Jobs moved from industries and technological production to farming and agriculture c) The only jobs that were made available were in the area of agriculture. d) Jobs moved from farming and agriculture to industries and technological production 9) What event caused rural Texas to urbanize and have boomtowns develop in Texas? a) Cattle trails developed in west Texas b) windmills invented c) Discovery of oil in Texas d) Railroads reached west Texas 10) How did World War I change the lives of women in Texas? a) Many women entered the workforce. b) Women finally gained the right to vote. c) Women served as pilots and tank drivers. d) Many women were allowed into state universities. 11) During World War I, the Germans asked Mexico to join them in fighting the United States. In return for Mexico's participation, the victorious Germans would have given Mexico- a) unrestricted access to the Panama Canal b) favorable trading rights to central Europe c) the western Caribbean Islands d) the southwestern United States 12) Which group benefited most from the passage of the 19th Amendment? a) African Americans b) white men c) women d) Native Americans




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