1) The elephant is... a) Toll b) Ample c) Old d) Big 2) Is the antonym of fat  a) Thyn b) Cry c) Thin d) Trickle 3) Where is cat? a) Lob b) Low c) Loby d) Large 4) The turtle walks...  a) Low b) Fast c) Slom d) Slow  5) The antonym of expensive a) Expensive b) Sheep c) Cheap d) Shear 6) The rule is... a) Large b) Long c) Lonck d) Little 7) The antonym of afraid a) Brave b) Wise c) Good d) Bad 8) The antonym of early a) Lete b) Early c) Afternoon d) Late 9) My friend is... a) Hevy b) Heavy c) Geavy d) Slow 10) The antonym of wet  a) Dry b) Dray c) Wet d) Wat 11) The Rabbit arrives a) Easy b) Erly c) Early d) Old 12) The travel to New York is... a) Far b) Fear c) Close d) Nigh 13) There are____ dogs a) Lot b) Many c) Lite d) Short

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