1) This person always helps their friends when they're in trouble. a) Loyal b) Caring c) Smart 2) This person is kind to everyone and helps everyone. a) Caring b) Smart c) Loyal 3) This person gets 100% in math. a) Loyal b) Smart c) Caring 4) This person is always in trouble. a) kind b) Trouble maker c) silly 5) This person help people when they fall down. a) Silly b) kind c) Trouble maker 6) This person is always speaking loud. a) Silly b) Noisy c) Quiet 7) This person always push me. a) Noisy b) mean c) Joyful 8) This person always sing. a) silly b) mean c) Joyful 9) This person don't do any homework. a) Lazy b) silly c) Trouble maker 10) This person have a good manners. a) Lazy b) Trouble maker c) Polite 11) This person always put the same thing in same place. a) polite b) Trouble maker c) organized 12) This person always says "thank you" and "please". a) Respectful b) Trouble maker c) Silly

Juri G2 Character Traits




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