I want to t________ u____ photography., Roller coasters are so t______________. It's my favourite ride., Rafting is a c__________________ sport., I am very f_________ o_____ my sister., They are m_______ a_______ fast food., I find swimming e______________., Massage therapy is very r___________., We love to h_______ o____ w______ eachother., Finally, __ c____________ f_________ the city to the countryside., They are k______ o__ video games., These are animal s_________s., I have got an American s_______., I g______ u__!, It's great to g___ experience o____ o__ internship., Jaws is an excellent t_________ movie., We took up the ice bucket c_____________., He is a m_____ scientist., The boy is b________ w____ basketball., He is e___________ a______ the seal., I am very d________________ w______ myself., She is very s______________ b__ the birthday party., She is f_____________ o__ spiders., Children can be t________ sometimes., He is t________ o__ work., Reality is often d______________..




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