1) Water is in its liquid state at a room temperature, when temperature________ , the water freezes and changes into ice.  a) decreases b) increases c) water d) freezes 2) The change from liquid to to Solid ( Ice) is called ______________? a) freezing  b) melting  c) evaporation d) condensation 3) When temperature increases, ice ______________ and changes into liquid.  a) freezes b) melts c) evaporates d) heats 4) The water turns into ______________  called the water vapor.  a) solid  b) liquid c) gas bubbles d) condenses 5) The change from liquid to gas is called___________? a) Condensation b) Melting  c) Freezing d) Evaporation 6) The process of converting water vapor into liquid is called ______________? a) Evaporation b) Freezing c) Melting d) Condensation 7) ______________change is a change in matter where the change can happen backward. Example: Water to Ice a) Reversible   b) Irreversible c) Condensation d) Evaporation 8) The solid changes directly into gas by the process of ___________________ a) condensation b) sublimation c) evaporation d) melting

Changes in the state of matter sum up




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