It's big. It's grey. It's lives in water.  - It's a hyppo., It's big. It's grey. It lives on land. It's got a big trunk. - It's an elephant., It's long. It's big. It's green. It's got big teeth. It lives in the water. - It's a crocodile., It can jump. It's small. It can do tricks. It lives on land. - It's a monkey., It's very big. It lives in the sea. It's blue and white. - It's a whale., It's big. It lives in the sea. It's very dangerous. It's got big teeth. - It's a shark., It lives on land. It can run. It's got a long neck. - It's a giraffe., It's big. It's dangerous. It can run very fast. It's the king of the jungle. - It's a lion., It's black and white. It lives on land but it can swim. It lives in the Arctic. - It's a penguin., Itlives on land. It can run. It can walk. It's black and white. - It's a zebra.,

WILD ANIMALS - Let's go to a wildlife park.




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