1) eat a) aet b) tea c) eat d) ate 2) find a) found b) fed c) find d) fuond 3) lose a) life b) lase c) lost d) lent 4) bite a) bite b) bit c) bote d) built 5) hit a) hot b) hit c) pit d) rit 6) go a) wont b) goes c) gout d) went 7) cut a) cut b) cot c) cat d) cet 8) lie a) liy b) li c) lia d) lay 9) take a) touk b) take c) toke d) took 10) hold a) hald b) hold c) held d) huld 11) win a) win b) wen c) went d) won 12) do a) do b) dod c) did d) daid 13) hear a) heard b) hear c) hearing d) heared 14) meet a) meet b) met c) mot d) mete 15) feed a) feed b) fed c) food d) fair 16) hurt a) hur b) hut c) hart d) hurt 17) see a) sea b) saw c) sae d) ees 18) put a) put b) poot c) pool d) pit 19) make a) mook b) mad c) made d) med 20) read a) red b) read c) rode d) rood 21) run a) run b) ran c) ron d) ren 22) shut a) shot b) shut c) shet d) shat 23) fall a) fall b) fell c) foll d) pool 24) have a) has b) have c) had d) haved 25) let a) lot b) lit c) let d) leet 26) cost a) cos b) costed c) cost d) cow




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