1) How many legs does a ladybird have? a) 8 b) 6 c) 10 2) Where do elephants live? a) In Europe b) In New Zealand c) in Africa and Southeast Asia 3) What do caterpillars eat? a) chocolate cake b) cheese sandwich c) leaves 4) When do lions sleep? a) during the day b) during the football match c) during the full moon 5) How long do flamingos live? a) 5 years b) 55 years c) 25-30 years 6) Why do kangaroos have strong back leg? a) to help them jump b) to help them swim 7) How tall is an elephant? a) about 5 m tall b) about 1 m tall c) about 3,3 m tall 8) How long is a giraffe neck? a) about 1,8 m long b) about 1 m long c) about 3 m long

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