I often travel ____ train. I don't like to go ____ foot. To save time buy a ticket and go ____ plane. Most people go to work ____ bus I have never travelled ____ plane. She doesn't like to listen to music ____ the car She can't speak now, she's ____ the car They prefer to go ____ bike rather than on foot Going ____ foot is good for your health It is expensive to go ____ taxi I can't stand traffic, so I travel ____ train They went to China ____ plane The puppy is ____ a skateboard The puppy is ____ the subway The puppy is ____ a bicycle We always go ____ boat from Athens to one of the small islands. The puppy is ____ a canoe The puppy is ____ a truck '____' is used after a verb I'm ____ my way home It takes me ____ twenty minutes to get to the city centre.

Prepositions of Transport Choices




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