1) Who was seleucus nicater 2) Who establish gupta empire and when 3) Who was magesthenes 4) Name the book written by aryabatt 5) Who was ñagarjuna 6) Who established mauryan empire and when 7) Who succeed srigupta and when 8) Who was called napoleon of India 9) Who got the title of vikram aditya 10) Name the language in which ashoka has written inscription 11) Who was the renowned poet in the court of chandragupta 2 12) Name the book written by Kalidasa 13) Name the famous rock cut temple 14) Why ajanta caves was famous 15) Who was susrut 16) Name the book written by charak 17) Who was charak 18) Name the book written by susrut 19) Who established vardhaman empire and when 20) Rajashree was the daughter of  21) Name the sources of information about vardhman rule 22) Name the book written by harsha himself 23) Who wrote harshcharitra 24) A Chinese traveller came India during vardhman dynasty 25) A Chinese traveller astonished to see ashoka palace 26) Famous tales written by pt. Vishnu sharma 27) Who was the last kushan rular 28) Panchatantra was written by 29) What is the contribution of the gupta period in the field of science and technology 30) Name three important rular of mauryan empire





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